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Hello, Tea'm, 

Spring is right around the corner, in theory at least. With the snow and the freezing rain hammering down on us, there's no telling when winter will subside, and warm weather will finally be here to stay.

Even as flu season comes to a close, fluctuating temperatures can put your body through the wringer. 

Don't welp; we can help. There are tons of ways to prepare your immune system for this seasonal transition. 

The usual immunity boosters are getting ample exercise, drinking water, eating fruits and veggies, and obviously, wearing a mask. 

And when you need an extra immuni'tea boost, Green Tea is the way to go. In Asian traditions, Green Tea has been prized as having antiviral, antimicrobial properties. The Tea can alter the structure of the virus itself, which suppresses the virus's ability to cause an infection; it also limits the infection's ability to spread from cell to cell. You may even find flu recovery tea from the drugstore contains Green Tea in it. Green Tea can also increase immune responses and the production of quick-acting white blood cells.


After water, Tea, green, white, and black from the Camellia sinesis shrub is the most consumed beverage in the world. This salutary beverage is rich in antioxidants. Tea can relax and refresh your mind. A cup of Tea has both relaxing L-theanine and energizing theobromine and theophylline.  


Our Green Tea is not only good for you but also tea'licious, 100% organic, sustainably farmed, and hand-blended. The Chai Bar Anurakti is Truly Farm to Cup Chai


Did you know our tea leaves are hand-picked from the foothills of the Himalayas? 

A mix of green tea leaves are harvested fresh from the farm. Green Tea is either steamed or pan-fired or smoked soon after being harvest to stop the oxidation process, thus preserving the tea leaves' green color, antioxidants, and catechins. 


This Green Tea Farm is extraordinary because they give back to the community. Tea can create better lives – for tea workers, smallholder tea farmers, and tea drinkers. We put immense effort into finding the perfect suppliers; our Tea comes from a sustainable farm. 

The farm provides eco-homes to vulnerable families. They have provided 100 eco-homes as of May 2020. They also offer educational scholarships to families who work in tea estates, so their children can learn and earn better. 2400 scholarships have been awarded so far. 

We emphasize valuing tea workers and smallholder farmers' human rights and improving their health and financial security while protecting and nurturing the land they work on. 

The farm also distributes cows to the tea estate workers to supplement their income and provide milk for daily consumption. 182 cows have been distributed so far. 

The Chai Bar Green Tea is so much more than the taste, aroma, & flavor; it goes beyond with The Chai Impact.


Once we get these beautifully processed organic tea leaves to The Chai Bar, we carefully hand-blend them with the choicest ingredients to make the best possible green Tea. 


Anurakti Green Tea is inspired by passion. A multiflorous blend of botanicals and spices, it's the perfect brew for you. 


In Ayurvedic medicine, marigold is known as 'The herb of the Sun,' it depicts passion, and to us, it represents our passion for chai. 

Essential oil lovers deem Lavender a vital inclusion in relieving anxiety, supporting regular sleep, and more. Our curated multiflorous Lavender & Marigold infused blend will calm your mind and uplift your spirits. 


With primary notes of lush Lavender, and secondary notes of saffrony marigold, this wonderfully refreshing aromatic floral blend with a touch of natural sweetness and subtle tones of citrusy marigold is reminiscent of a bike ride through the grasslands, so inhale and inhale some more.  


Marigold has many health benefits. The mother plant is known as Calendula. The florals have been served as a tea or used as an ingredient in various herbal formulations in South Asia for years.

While steeping flowers in boiling water makes tea, the extract is derived from the flowers and leaves. 

The Tea has antioxidants, flavonoids, polyphenols, and carotenoids, making it anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. It can also aid in oral health by combatting gingivitis and microbial growth. It can also relieve the severity of menstrual cramps. 


Lavender tea is made from the fresh or dried buds of the lavender flower known as Lavandula angustifolia. It is a type of Tea known as an herbal tea or tisane. Adding Lavender to Tea boasts anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce inflammation and prevent a host of serious ailments. Lavender tea can also help alleviate pain by reducing inflammation of the muscles and joints. The soothing scent of Lavender can also minimize muscle spasms. Lavender tea can boost immune health, detoxify the body, supports digestive health, aids respiratory health. 

Get on top of those pesky seasonal allergens; lavender Tea can help people who suffer from breathing problems by opening up airways. 

Lavender's anti-inflammatory properties soothe inflamed muscles in the throat and chest, making it easier to breathe. The antibacterial properties of lavender Tea also help to eliminate bacteria that can cause chest colds and congestion.


We spice our green Tea with Cinnamon. It makes this Tea is a potent beverage filled with antioxidants. It offers several health benefits, including reduced inflammation and blood sugar levels, improved heart health, and perhaps even weight loss. Cinnamon tea may also fight off infections and reduce PMS and menstrual cramps.


Whether you green Tea warm or cold, it's a beverage worth trying. Tea has been used as a component in herbal medicine for hundreds of years in order to ward off illness and soothe the symptoms of colds and sore throats. A cup of Anurakti can be a great way to boost your body's defenses in order to keep from getting sick. For more tas'tea Immuni'tea boosters, try our Malhar Kadha- Herbal Turmeric Tonic or Krishna Kadha - Herbal Tulsi Tea. 


That said, Tea isn't a replacement for proper medical treatment if you think you might be getting sick. While Tea can help to ward off illnesses and soothe symptoms when you're feeling under the weather, you should always check with your doctor and if you're seriously sick.


☆☆ This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Any information shared is for informational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

*Tea is intended to be used in combination with a sound diet, ample exercise, social distancing, good personal hygiene, and rest. 


Take care of yourself and embrace the change in seasons with love and enthusiasm. 



Sargam & Madura 

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