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A couple weeks ago we talked about four different ways of brewing Gulabi - Kashmiri Pink Chai. Today we are bringing you 4 different ways of brewing Aprajita - Butterfly Blue Brew and Krishna - Blue Tulsi Tea.

In South and Southeast Asia Butterfly Pea flowers have been for centuries to brew kadhas, cook and to offer to god for prayers. I remember when we were young kids, my mom would ask us to pick Aprajita flowers for morning prayers on the weekends for Lord Shiva as they are considered his favorite flowers. We would also drink kadha/tea mixed with fresh lemongrass from our backyard regularly. We use Aprajita flowers often in cooking and as natural dyes. I wish I had pictures to share but alas these are the childhood memories captured in our minds and hearts. Next time I go to India I'll definitely click some pictures of the house and yard that I grew up in. So nostalgic!

Let's talk about brewing these teas - unlike green and black teas, these blends aren't tricky to brew. If you brew too long in boiling water might as well get absorbed much better but will not turn bitter which is the best thing about these blends. In fact, you want to kadha in boiling water for 10 to 15 mins which makes it strong. Kadha literally means concoction and it's been used in Ayurveda for ages as immunity boosters. Krishna and Malhar Kadha are the perfect examples of it. 

We are brewing Aprajita and Krishna two ways as following :

Aprajita - Butterfly Blue Brew

  1. Cold Blue Brew
  2. Two Tea Blue Brew

Krishna - Blue Tulsi Tea

  1. Clear Kadha
  2. Milky Frothy Blue Kadha

Its summer we all feel like sipping something ice cold and I'm with you on it. Cold Blue Brew is extremely easy to brew and is one of my go to ways to brew almost all the teas. It is also great for beginner brewers especially if you are cold brewing not just these blends but any other true tea blends as well.

1. Cold Blue Brew


1 tbsp Aprajita
2 cups of room temperature or cold water

water pitcher


Add water, and Aprajita in the water pitcher and stick it in the fridge overnight. Viola and done! Serve over ice, drink it straight, or slushy.

Add some lemon juice and experience the magical color change. Serve with a slice of lemon on the glass.

2. Two Tea Blue Brew

If you want to have caffeine along with with Aprajita then look no further. Arunima and Aprajita is an amazing combo.


1 tbsp Arunima - Citrus Chilled Chai

1 tsp Aprajita - Butterfly Blue Brew

Instructions :

Step 1 : Hot Brew and chill Arunima or cold brew it in a cup of water overnight.

Step 2 : Cold brew Aprajita in a cup of water overnight.

Step 3 : Fill a glass with ice, add half a cup of chilled Arunima and top it off with chilled Aprajita. 

Note: To experience the color changes of these blends, gently pour Aprajita on the highest ice cube. Enjoy!

3. Clear Kadha


1 tbsp Krishna - Blue Tulsi Tea

1.5 cups water


Step 1: In a pot add water and Krishna. Bring it to a boil and boil for 8-10 mins. 

Step 2: Strain and drink. Add Leme Lemon sugar or Ojas Orange sugar for a boost of Vitamin C.

Note: This is a kadha meaning a concoction. If this is too strong for you then feel free to reduce the amount of blend or increase the water quantity.

4. Milky Frothy Blue Kadha


1 tbsp Krishna - Blue Tulsi Tea
1/2 cup hot water
1/2 cup hot whole milk or milk of your choice

2 tsp honey or sweetener of your choice according to taste


Step 1 : Add a tbsp of Krishna in hot water and let steep for 5-7 mins and strain.

Step 2 : To hot milk, add honey and froth or mix well.

Step 3 : Combine Step 2 in Step 1 and enjoy this brew'tea'ful drink!!

These are four classic recipes to brew Aprajita and Krishna but these are not the only ways. Stay tuned for more recipes and inspiration. We will see you next week with more ideas. Until then tea'ta bye-bye!!

- Authored by Madura Chaudhari

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