Golden Days, Golden Milk


Fall is here and it's time to fall for our new favorite and year around but especially fall drink - Golden Milk! New flavor combinations are introduced every year in the fall chai world. This year we brought you amazing Prem Pumpkin Spice sugar and Rukmini Golden Milk. We have more sugars to come in the following weeks so keep your eyes peeled for your favorite suga.

So, we all know the famous golden milk and it needs no introduction but I'm going to share a little bit more about it. Golden milk has recently gotten a lot of popularity in the western world but we in India have been drink it for generations over centuries. It's nothing but a blend of turmeric along with other warming spices which is great for immunity boosting and to keep you warm and cozy during the change of seasons.

In this post, we will cover the different powerful ingredients in our rukmini golden milk tea:

Our Rukmini Golden Milk contains a blend of turmeric, ginger, black pepper and nutmeg. All of these items are the necessary components that make up a delicious golden milk recipe.


Turmeric powder is an all-in-one superfood health booster and is one of the main ingredients to golden milk benefits. It can fight off various viruses and reduce stress, and it's good for joints too! Curcumin also has mood uplifting properties. 


With antiviral properties, fresh ginger is effective against seasonal or allergic cough and cold. Ginger root in a golden milk latte also aids digestion & reduces nausea. 


It is not your basic table spice; there are many black pepper benefits. It helps ease congestion and inflammation during the flu. It is anti-microbial, and therefore helps to relieve symptoms of a cold and cough too! 


The nut from the Myristica fragrans tree. Mace is the aril around the nutmeg. In ancient India, sleepless babies were given a minuscule amount of nutmeg spice.

Aroma: Warm, Earthy & Creamy
Head Notes: Earthy;
Body Notes: Warm and Nutty ; 
Tail Notes: Sweet and Creamy. 
(Adding dates or honey will make the tea taste sweet) 

Color: Creamy Golden Yellow

The Chai Bar is a women-owned small business based in Atlanta, Georgia, and serving customer world-wide. We aim to cultivate environmental stewardship and respect cultural identity! 

This tea blend is Gluten-Free; Fat-Free; Plant-Based; Vegan; Sugar-Free; Keto. 

Our signature Rukmini Golden Milk blend is finally here and we are so happy to be sharing with you all. Keep your eyes peeled for recipes using Rukmini and don't forget to shop now!

Let us know in the comments down below how do you like it!

See you next time, until then tea'ta!

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