✨Happy 2021✨ 

Thank You
We hope your holiday celebrations have left you feeling refreshed and uplifted—just in time to set you'r 2021 goals. 


We brought in the new year sipping on some Anurakti (Green Tea, Marigold & Lavender Blend); a strange year called for an odd New Year's Eve; honestly, we are glad we did that because we have started 2021 fresh and not hungover. LOL


Okay so, 2020 wasn't..erm...ideal, and we have just about made it through. This time last year, I'm pretty sure we didn't have a pandemic on our vision board. None of us had a clue of what the year would turn out like. We faced unexpected challenges as we adapted to the many changes in our lives.


New Year New Tea 


Now, as we head into 2021, We hope you'll join us in looking ahead at this new year with a renewed sense of hope. To help you get off to a great start, we are all set to launch a brand new blend! It's perfect for the colder days ahead, and it's one of those good for you blends that'll help you keep your healthy resolutions. We can't wait to share it with you guys. Stay tuned for more. 


Silver Linings  


A new year is a powerful occasion: It's a time to reflect on our gratitude for the past and our hopes for the future. Tea time rituals are a source of comfort and joy, especially in times like these, and we thank you for allowing us the privilege to curate your chai. 

We know as a small business in the pandemic age that sometimes it may seem like there isn't enough to be grateful for; there is always a silver lining. You are our silver lining :)

So now, let's embrace the chance to welcome a fresh start to reinvigorate our enthusiasm for chasing goals and dreams.




Attitude of Grattitude 


We wanted to take a moment to thank you for being a member of The Chai Bar family. We've poured our heart and soul into every aspect of this business, and it means a lot to have your support.


The Journey


When we first started, we dreamt of creating a brand that truly impacted the lives of others. For years Madura honed her skills, practiced her ar'teasan craft, and committed herself to build this business from the ground up. Through pregnancy and raising a toddler, it was a lot, but it was a labor of love from the very beginning. It is a journey that she would embark upon again in a heartbeat. 


Everything we do is for you.


Each farmers market customer, follower, subscriber, and online shopper who raised their hand to cheer for this little dream of ours… became a part of The Chai Bar that you see today. Our gratitude runs deep for all who have rooted for us from day one. You are a part of The Chai Bar family. Tea'm, you are precisely why we are so committed to the work that we do.


A Million Times, Thank You


Thank you for supporting our small business. Thank you for allowing us to serve and empower you along your journey. We are so very thankful.


Know that if you ever have questions—we are always an email away.

Happy New Year 


With love, 

The Chai Bar Brew Crew 

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