Prem Pumpking Spice Dalgona

Fall is just around the corner and we are in mood for all things pumpkin! Talking about pumpkin and fall how can we miss dalgona coffee mornings. Its fresh, refreshing, enjoy it hot or iced depending on the cold or warm morning and start your day with a joyful creamy cup of caffeine. Let's get started!

To make this tea'licious cup of coffee you'll need:

  1. Instant Coffee - Grab your favorite brand of instant coffee. It is important to use instant coffee only for making dalgona since you have to be able to whip it up.
  2. Prem Pumpkin Spiced Sugar - This is the brand new addition to The Chai Bar family of products. It's very important to use Prem sugar for texture and flavor boost. If you are not a fan of pumking everything then you can add any combination of spices of your choice. Shop of collection of spices and flavored sugars here!
  3. Hot water - Essential for the coffee whipping 
  4. Pumpkin puree - This is good to have but if you don't have it or don't feel like opening a can or making it for just a tablespoon then you can skip it.
  5. Ice - If you want to enjoy it iced like me.
  6. Milk - You can easily substitute whole milk with any milk of your choice. If you are looking for vegan options then checkout our whole post on dairy free milks and their flavor profiles here at No-Moo Brew.

Now that you know this is all we need let's begin, shall we?



  • Stand Mixer
  • or Milk frother


  1. Add instant coffee, hot water and Prem Pumpkin Spice Sugar to a bowl and whip for 2- 3 mins or until stiff peaks.
  2. Add pumpkin puree and mix it well with a rubber spatula or spoon just enough making sure to not overmix it.
  3. To serve - add ice to a glass, pour milk over ice and top it off with ya Pumking Spiced whipped coffee.

This is such a cheerful cup to sip on some fall mornings. You can also make it hot by skipping ice and cold milk and replacing it with hot milk.

Go whip it, stir it, make it and serve it!!

- Authored by Madura Chaudhari

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