Amber Autumn
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Amber Autumn

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Introducing our Amber Autumn Collection - a symphony of flavors and aromas that capture the essence of this enchanting season. This exquisite collection brings together six handcrafted teas and sugar blends to make your autumn moments truly special.

First in line is Astrakadir - Rose Cardamom Chai, a fragrant blend that embodies the warmth of autumn with its delicate infusion of roses and rich cardamom. It's a tea that will wrap you in cozy comfort on crisp autumn evenings.

Anurakti - Lavender Marigold Green Tea is next, a tea that mirrors the golden hues of fall. Savor the soothing blend of lavender and marigold combined with the refreshing taste of green tea, a true reflection of the season's beauty.

As the days grow cooler, indulge in the comforting embrace of Rukmini - Golden Milk. This golden elixir, infused with turmeric, ginger, black pepper, and nutmeg, is perfect for unwinding by the fireside, providing both solace and immune-boosting benefits.

To add an extra touch of sweetness to your teas, we offer Rani - Rose Sugar, Sita - Cinnamon Sugar, and Lava - Lavender Sugar. These artisanal sugar blends bring a delightful twist to your tea rituals, enhancing the flavors with a touch of autumn magic.

Experience the rich tapestry of flavors in our Amber Autumn Collection. Whether you're a tea enthusiast seeking new autumn-inspired blends or simply looking to embrace the season's spirit, this collection is a journey through amber-hued teas and cozy moments by the fireplace. Cheers to sipping the colors and flavors of autumn!

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