Chai it, you'll love it! Herbal trial packs
Chai it, you'll love it! Herbal trial packs
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Chai it, you'll love it! Herbal trial packs

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Our Indian Sampler Herbal Tea Blends has unique and flavorful combination of the finest herbs and spices from India. These exclusive blends are composed of handpicked, high-quality herbs and spices from across India, creating a complex and delicious flavor. The blend features a variety of herbs including tulsi, blue pea, ginger, turmeric, and true cinnamon, creating a soothing and comforting tea experience. The balance of sweetness, spice, and earthy notes makes these herbal tea blends a must-have for any tea aficionado. Enjoy these premium herbal tea blends, perfect for a relaxing afternoon or evening.

Blends included are :

Aprajita (Herbal tea, Butterfly Blue Brew)

Aroma: Earthy
     Head Notes: Grassy;
     Body Notes: Woody and Earthy;
     Tail Notes: Crisp, Fresh, Dry.
Bright Blue.

Rukmini (Herbal tea, Golden Milk)
Aroma: Warm, Earthy & Creamy
Head Notes: Earthy;
Body Notes: Warm and Nutty;
Tail Notes: Sweet and Creamy.

Color: Creamy Golden Yellow.

Malhar (Herbal tea, Turmeric Tonic)
Aroma: Mildly Spicy & Vegetative

       Head Notes: Earthy;
       Body Notes: Warm Gingery;
       Tail Notes: Zingy.

Color: Turmeric Yellow

Krishna (Herbal tea, Blue Tulsi Tea)
Aroma: Herbaceous & Cinnamonish.

     Head Notes: Hints of Mint;
     Body Notes: Warm Peppery & Gingery;
     Tail Notes: Earthy yet Zingy.
Color: Dark Blue.

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