Meet Madura

A Message from Madura Chaudhari
Founder & Master Blender

Meet Madura, Founder and Owner of The Chai Bar

In my native India and around the world, we come from all walks of life – but drink from one cup, so to speak. Why not fill that cup with something divine?  

I’ve made it my life’s mission to do just that. 

Across India, chai wallahs offer hot, spiced tea on every street corner. As a girl, I enjoyed steaming cups with friends and wondered at the great pots of milky elixir brewing on our stovetop at home. I sensed chai held a special power to bring people together–but never guessed I’d become a sort of chai walli myself! 

Undeniably, my childhood shaped my work today. I grew up in Konkan, a rugged coastal region along the Arabian Sea. On visits to my grandparents’ farm in Khandesh, I developed an early connection to the land, pitching in with the manual labor needed to make the place thrive. This formative experience colored my decision to partner exclusively with sustainable tea farms that prioritize fair labor. I am dedicated to maintaining ethical standards for every chai blend we produce.

Later, in Mumbai, I earned a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics, then headed to Pune for a Master Degree in International Business. Eventually I found myself en route to the United States, pursuing a second Master Degree in Financial Engineering. On the journey, I brought my love of my native culture and a desire to share it with curious new American friends.  

My thirst for knowledge and determination have fueled our business development at The Chai Bar. I continually seek to improve our work through strategic management methods, while simultaneously ensuring work-life balance for me and my team. As a chai connoisseur, I bring expertise and passion that lure new fans of this beloved beverage. 

When you sip chai, you’re drinking more than spice, tea, and milk–you’re also taking in popular culture, tradition, diversity, history and stories. Join me for a cup! 

- Madura