Who we are

“A fresh and delicious cup of chai is a work of alchemy.” - Madura Chaudhari, Founder

Madura Chaudhari, Founder and Owner of The Chai Bar is sitting at the kitchen counter with a hot cup of chai.

When is tea more than just another beverage? …when it’s infused with hospitality, kindness, and joy. The Chai Bar blends this and more into every comforting cup.

The Chai Bar produces small batches of tea-and-spice blends using recipes drawn from the rich ancestry of our founder, Madura Chaudhari. We offer handpicked, single-origin, all-natural teas free from any artificial pigments, colors, or flavorings. With rigorous attention to detail and a spirit of community, we strive to elevate one of India’s most beloved customs.

Our company’s humble origins resemble the ad-hoc chai stands that are ubiquitous across India. We began as a pop-up café at a farmer’s market in Philadelphia, offering homemade chai to neighbors and friends. As more folks discovered our distinctive blends, The Chai Bar quickly grew to offer an online menu serving customers nationwide. Now based in Atlanta, we are eager to share our traditions with you!