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This spice has a deep-rooted Vedic history. It has been used as a medicinal spice in India for centuries. In-fact, Vedic healers would recommend applying a paste of clove to a painful tooth to numb the pain.
The woody clove is a dried flower bud. This versatile spice can be used in sweet and savory food alike. 

Slightly sweeter and more complex than the Indonesian variety, our cloves are are hand-picked, yielding a plump, perfect shape. 

Fantastic when used to flavor chicken, ham, mulled wine, spiced tea, or hot cider, using the Whole Clove. Grind the Clove fresh to enhance the flavor in your desserts, bread, cookies, spice cake, pudding, stewed cranberries, pumpkin pie, or fruit dishes.

Clove adds a sweet, sweet flavor to chai, and it can be ground up to add that extra punch t
Use this spice whole in hot drinks, or when used in a chicken or ham; remove before serving. Grind the Hand Picked Clove in a spice or pepper mill before adding to a recipe, best when ground fresh.

Clove is best when used fresh, so we recommend buying whole sticks and grinding it as needed. 

Our herbs and spices are synergistically sourced, we aim to cultivate environmental stewardship, and respect cultural identity! 

Gluten-Free; Fat-Free; 100% Organic; Plant-Based; Vegan; Sugar-Free; Hand blended in Philadelphia.
Contents 100% Organic Clove, Syzygium aromaticum.

How to use: Before adding to any recipe, you can crush the bud to make a coarse powder or blend it in a coffee grinder to make a fine powder, a little goes a long way. It can also be used as-is and fished out of the dish after cooking. 
For tea infusions, lightly break and toss the clove into your brew before adding the chai blend.
Taste & Aroma: Bitter or Astringent, Hot, Pungent, Sweet
Tasting notes: Brown Sugar • Pineapple • Tingly Sweetness
Product Style: Whole
Process: Sun-dried
Storage: For best results, store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.
Shelf Life: 3 Years
Country of Origin: Zanzibar, Tanzania
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