Maya - Milk Masala
Maya - Milk Masala
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Maya - Milk Masala

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/Ma - yuh/ noun ; 
Sanskrit meaning 'Magic'

This nut’tea nostalgic blend will make you reminisce of ‘aai chi maya’ (mom’s magic). It was influenced by my mom who made her own blend of masala milk for the whole family during the Indian Kojagiri Festival celebrated on a full moon day after the monsoon. It is said that only after the moon reflection has fallen on the drink can it be enjoyed together with the whole family.

Aroma: Nutty with a hint of spice
Head Notes: Sweet and Earthy;
Body Notes: Mild spicy;
Tail Notes: Nutty.

Color: Ranges from beige to saffron.

Tea'p: Add any of our spiced sugars and a sprinkle of saffron to elevate the flavor. 

The Chai Bar Impact

Did you know, our tea leaves are hand-picked from Assam, the land of tea gardens?

Tea can create better lives – for tea workers, smallholder tea farmers and tea drinkers. 

We put immense effort into finding the perfect suppliers; our tea comes from a sustainable farm. We emphasize valuing tea workers and smallholder farmers' human rights and working to improve their health and financial security while protecting and nurturing the land they work on. 

The Chai Bar's Tea is so much more than the taste, aroma, & flavor it goes beyond with The Chai Bar Impact.

Gluten-Free; Fat-Free; All Natural; Women-owned; Hand-blended


Almonds, Pistachios, Cashews, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Nutmeg, (Rose Petals optional), Turmeric.

How to Make

More detailed instructions with the product!

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