Chai it, you'll like it! Trial packs
Chai it, you'll like it! Trial packs
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Chai it, you'll like it! Trial packs

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Confused as to which blend to buy because all looks amazing? Chai our black tea blends trial packs!

Blends included are 
Astitva (Black tea, Original Blend)

Aroma: deep, earthy
     Head Notes: Bold & malty with a hint of grassy
     Body Notes: Full-bodied earthy touch with a lasting "chai" flavor
     Tail Notes: Brisk.
Color: Rich deep brown color

Astrakadir (Black tea, Rose Cardamom Blend)
Aroma: Sweet & Spicy
Head Notes: Light Floral and Spice;
Body Notes: Creamy & nutty;
Tail Notes: Medium hints of spice.

Color: Ranging from Beige to Tan

Mangalyam (Black tea, Lavender Marigold)
Aroma: Herbaceous, sweet & floral with a hint of camphor from lavender & alluring scent of marigold.

       Head Notes: Light hints of saffrony marigold;
       Body Notes: Floral lavender & earthy black tea;
       Tail Notes: Citrusy undertones

Color: Ranging from brown zero to iron brew.

Sanyukta Bharatam (Black tea, Classic Masala Blend)
Aroma: Highly aromatic spiced tea with the complex spicy scent of cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamom, and nutmeg.

     Head Notes: Spices;
     Body Notes: Warm spicy undertones with a malty flavor in a body of fresh black tea;
     Tail Notes: Gingery heat with bottom notes of rich and creamy milk.
Color: Burnt toffee or Tan.

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