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Hello, again!

John Lennon was so wise when he said “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” 

So much life has been lived and so many changes have taken place:  as you know, The Chai Bar made a big move to Atlanta! It’s been such a fun time getting to know the Atlanta area, introducing new people to chai, and making some wonderful connections.  All the planning, creating, and people we’ve met in the last year have been integral to our continued growth and success– for that, we are truly humbled and thankful. We are about to launch into our second farmer’s market and festival season and we couldn’t be more excited! We’ve rolled out some new chai blends and have more on the horizon so definitely connect with us on social media. You can also subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page to get the most current updates!

Spring is blooming all around us here in Atlanta! While much of the country is still experiencing winter-like weather, we are enjoying some spring rains, blooming daffodils and trees, and buzzing bees. If you find that you experience seasonal allergies, you may want to check out this post on our turmeric & ginger chai, Rukmini. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that can make the frustration of seasonal allergies a bit more tolerable. 

With the warmer weather comes the reintroduction of all of our spring chai + sugar blends! We are so excited to help you get reacquainted with these favorites. Our spiced sugars pair well with our tea blends and can create a new flavor experience. Let us add some spring to your step with a satisfying chai!

Spring Collection 2023

Black Tea Blends

Astrakadir: Rose + Cardamom Chai

Astrakadir is made using Pink Rose petals layered with 100% Organic Black Tea from Assam, the land of tea gardens. Select spices are then hand-blended to the mix. We add cardamom to give the blend a traditional Indian tea taste. This nutty, minty spice adds contrast to the sweet smell of Rose. A dash of Cinnamon + and a sprinkle of Star-Anise beautifully complement the floral flavors in this blend. Astrakadir has a Sweet & Spicy Aroma, light floral head-notes, creamy, nutty body notes, and tail-notes with medium hints of spice. The Chai color ranges from beige to tan

Mangalyam: Marigold + Lavender Chai

Mangalyam has a balance of black tea, marigold, and lavender, which is a blend that is good for body and mind!  Marigold has properties that promote digestion, acts as an anti-inflammatory. Lavender is helpful as a sleep aid, can help to reduce stress, and relax muscles. The aroma of Mangalyam is  herbaceous, sweet and floral. It has a hint of camphor from the lavender, but also picks up the alluring scent of marigold. When you sip Mangalyam, you’ll first taste light hints of saffron from the marigold, followed by the floral notes of lavender + the earthy Assam tea leaves. The end of your sip will taste slightly citrusy– just perfectly delicious & calming!

Shakti: Ginger Cardamom Chai

This quintessential ginger cardamom blend can be enjoyed morning to night, hot or over iced, as it gives an energy boost from the ginger, alleviates nausea, is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and boosts your immune system.  

Sugrisima: Iced Summer Masala

One hot summer day, shuffling through my spice jars, Madura was trying to make an iced-spiced chai. She was looking for the ingredients she needed to make Sanyukta Bharatam, our Classic Masala blend, but she couldn't find everything she needed so she threw together what she had on hand and voila, Sugrisma was born!

This "happy accident" blend has the best components of masala chai and iced chai. It is nutty, spicy, and refreshing! We like it best chilled but you can also drink it hot with a sweet treat on the side. This chai has an internal cooling effect on the heated senses of summer which was the inspiration behind this blend. So sip and enjoy the flavors of Sugrisma. 

Green Tea Blends

Anurakti, in Sanskrit, means passion. In Ayurvedic medicine, marigold is known as 'The herb of the Sun', it depicts passion, and to me, it represents my passion for chai. Essential oil lovers deem lavender oil a vital inclusion in relieving anxiety, supporting regular sleep, and more. Our curated multiflorous Lavender & Marigold infused blend will calm your mind and uplift your spirits.
Our Queen of Roses, pretty pink rose petals layered with green tea, this is a smooth and elegant brew. With a floral bouquet of sweet rosy notes, a hint of nuttiness, a dash of cinnamon, and a sprinkle of star anise, it is the perfect blend of cardamom and rose. Intrigued by the attractive 'pink' color, I tried this chai when I was in college and learned to brew it from my best friend's mother. This is a fan favorite blend, sweet, salty, creamy, and nutty it compares to white-hot chocolate, an absolute treat to eyes and taste buds. 


Herbal Blends

Aprajita: Butterfly Blue Brew

The blue-pea flower comes from a tropical plant native to India known as Clitoria ternatea. Southeast Asian's have been brewing butterfly pea vine tea for centuries. Being a woman-owned small business, we wanted to honor the mesmerizing creation of women and add the beautiful, delicate, powerful, clitoria to our blends. It is prized for being naturally vibrant blue and has many medicinal properties. Butterfly pea flowers bloom only late into the night and are harvested between midnight and three in the morning. Enjoy this caffeine-free herbal tea for a quick boost. Proven to be a nootropic. It refreshes the brain and boosts its activity and function.

Spiced Sugars

Ojas: Orange Sugar

Ojas Orange Sugar - 100% Organic Granulated Cane Sugar hand-blended with orange zest. Ojas means Shine. This product is inspired by the bright flavors and color of orange zest; we hope it makes your day tea'winkle.

Leme: Lemon Sugar

Leme Lemon Sugar - 100% Organic Granulated Cane Sugar hand-blended with lemon zest. Leme means a glimmer of light. This product is inspired by the fresh flavors and color of lemon zest; we hope it tea'lluminates your day.

Gini: Ginger Sugar

100% Organic Granulated Cane Sugar hand-blended with single origin ginger and 100% love. Add a warming flavor to your lattes, cooking and baking. Sprinkle a dash of Gini Ginger Sugar on baked goods, crepes, cakes, and cookies. It adds a sweet and spicy touch to earthy hot beverages like chai or coffee. Also, perfect to sweeten drinks like lattes or make a dramatic statement on a cocktail night by rimming glasses with Gini Ginger sugar.  

Rani: Rose Sugar

The Chai Bar's Rani Rose Sugar is made using 100% Organic Cane Sugar (yes, this is crystalized sugar made from the sugar cane plant) hand-blended with South Asian Rose Petals. 

The reason we chose the name Rani is because Rose is the Queen of flowers. This floral sugar makes us feel much like royal'tea, and also because the Desi Rose has a distinct bright reddish pink color which a lot of Indians refer to as "Rani-Pink."

Lava: Lavender Sugar

 100% Organic Granulated Cane Sugar hand-blended with fragrant lavender buds. Lava means Peace. Add a unique flavor to your cooking and baking. Sprinkle a dash of Lava Lavender Sugar on baked goods, crepes, cakes, and cookies. It adds a floral touch to earthy hot beverages like chai or coffee. Also, perfect to sweeten cold drinks like lemonade or make a dramatic statement on a cocktail night by rimming glasses with lavender sugar.  

This week we are celebrating the Spring equinox with Gulab Rani: Kashmiri Pink Chai and its sweet and salty flavor! Check out this post that highlights a fun and different way to use Gulab Rani!



Fennel adds a fresh, sweet, mildly minty flavor to chai, and roasted fennel can add depth to the flavor of your favorite curry, soup, braise, or bread. Fennel seeds are used in cheese spreads, salad dressings, or to flavor butter. Combined with salt and pepper, this spice makes a lovely spice mix for air-frying your favorite veggies


This herb is incredibly close to our hearts, Lemongrass has been used for centuries in Asia. In India, it is also called fever grass because of its inherent properties as a fever reducer. This multifaceted herb aids in digestion, promotes heart health, may help regulate blood pressure, may help in boosting metabolism, may improve skin health, and promote healthy hair.


Springtime Goodness

The Chai Bar Social & Environmental Impact

The Chai Bar puts immense effort into finding the perfect suppliers. Our tea comes from organic + sustainable farms across south and southeast Asia. We emphasize valuing tea workers and independent farmers' human rights and we work collaboratively  to improve their health and financial security,  while protecting and nurturing the land they work on. 

 At The Chai Bar, we want you to know that by supporting our woman owned, hand-blended tea company, you are also supporting living wages, housing, primary health care, education, as well as organic & sustainable farming. 

Come join us and try your first cup of chai! And don’t forget, when you sip a cup of chai it’s not just a blend of spices, herbs, flowers, and tea with milk, it’s the amalgamation of popular culture, tradition, diversity, history, and stories in one cup! 


With Butterfly Kisses,

The Chai Bar Tea'm

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