Masala Milk Meltdown

Chilled Chai With a Tea'wist 

Hi, Tea'm, it's finally patio weather. Who doesn't love being able to work outdoors and enjoy the warm summer breeze while sipping a cup of Chilled Chai? We know you guys love Sugrisma Summer Masala Chai, so today, we thought we would be a little #extra and make masala milk chai. 

If you remember reading all about nut'tea (also known as masala dudh), you might be wondering how this winter warm-up drink can be a summer special- well, it isn't. 

Masala means a mixture of spices (this can include nuts, peppers, botanicals, herbs, and more). Masala for milk can be a mix of any combination of the above. So what is Masala Dudh? It's a mixture of nuts and warming spices added to milk. People usually drink this during the winter. The nuts and spices are tailored to provide digestive aid and relief from congestion during cooler months. Find the recipe HERE. Similarly, Chilled Chai is made using cooling spices that can help calm acidity and body heat-related ailments. Find all the cooling properties of Sugrisma HERE. 

As much as we love summer, every season comes with its own downs. Spring blooms bring spring allergies, summer sun brings heat, and winter snow brings sniffles. The food we eat and beverages we drink can nourish our body, aiding it to secrete the right juices. Ayurvedic texts guide us to understand which food is seasonally beneficial for us. If you feel the summer heat in your digestion, try a cooler diet. Did you know, some of the hottest regions in the world often serve up hot Chai during summers. It is said that a hot cup of Chai helps cool the body down. Similarly, heat from certain seemingly "hot" spices like ginger and black pepper are internally cooling too. 

Indian cooking is very seasonally influenced. The wintertime kitchen is filled with warm winter veggies like spicy mustard greens and creamy cottage cheese in a spiced gravy. The summertime grocery list includes melons, peppers, okra, bottle gourd. Even the flour used to make roti (Indian flatbread) is different during the summer vs. winter. In the summertime, cooling flour like Jowar (sorghum flour) is used. 

Speaking of Jowar, here is a gluten-free recipe for Jowar bi'tea - tiny tea time treats. 

These jowar bi'tea's are made using sorghum flour (jowar atta), fenugreek leaves, green chili, yogurt, and a few spices. They make for the perfect tea time snack and can be pan-fried or air-fried too. 

Jowar is a cooling flour; it has a favorable glycemic index. Fenugreek (methi) is a green leafy vegetable. Its fresh leaves are often used to prepare "methi mutter." Dried leaves are often available at Indian grocery stores. Fenugreek is cooling and helps reduce heat boils, acidity, and aids in smooth digestive movement. The seeds taste slightly bitter; these are also used in cooking. 



Take a wide bowl. Add flour, salt, dry fenugreek leaves, turmeric powder, coriander-cumin powder. Give all the dry ingredients a mix.

Add the grin chili to the yogurt. Add the yogurt to the dry ingredients. 

Knead into a semi-soft dough using water as needed.

Divide the dough into small balls 

Using your palms, gently push down on the dough circle, making it flat like a patty - approximately 2" in diameter and 1 cm thick. 

Heat oil in a flat pan and shallow-fry a few bi'tea's at a time on a medium-low flame till they turn golden brown on both sides.

Or brush on some oil and air fry. 

Now for the real deal, the Chai. Today we are combing the cooling effects of Sugrisma Chilled Chai and Masala Milk to make a tea'licious summer brew. This recipe is heavy on sugar and dairy, but you can always switch out condensed milk/ evaporated milk or switch to almond milk/ oat milk for a no-moo brew. 

To make spiced milk, you will need :


Rani Rose Sugar 

1tsp Fennel 

1tsp Ginger 

1tsp Pepper 

1 Anise 

1/3 tsp Vanilla 

Cardamom Pods 

1/2 Cup condensed milk (Or lactose-free evaporated milk or coconut cream)

1/2 Cup Full Fat Milk (Or Oat Milk or Coconut milk)


Place a medium pot on medium heat, add milk(S) and spices (except rose sugar) 

Simmer for 5 mins stirring occasionally.

Turn heat off (do not strain) 

Cool overnight 

Strain before serving 


To make cha'ice, you will need 

Ingredients :

2tbsp Sugrisma 

1.5 Cup water 


Bring water to a boil, add Sugrisma. 

Simmer for 5 mins 


Strain and add to an ice tray 


Assemble your Chilled Chai by adding Ice cubes to a tall glass, pouring the spiced milk over the ice, top with Rani Rose Sugar. 

Tea'p : Top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or chai'scream. 

We hope you enjoy sipping on our seasonal blends. Stock up on Sugrisma. It is a limited-time blend. Not a fan of milky Chai? Have you tried Arunima, Citrus Chai? Our other seasonal black tea blend makes a clear chilled chai. Find a recipe to make Citrus Chilled Chai HERE. A fan of clear brews? Try Aprajit, Butterfly Blue Brew. This blend makes brew'tea'ful Color Changing Chai. Turn it into slushies, ice, or smoothies. HERE

Craving something floral? Try Mangalyam, our Lavender Marigold Black Blend. Mix in with Lava Lavender Sugar for a Lavender Latte. Find the Recipe HERE. In the mood for rose? Try Astrakadir, Rose Cardamom Chilled Chai with Rani Rose Sugar. HERE No matter what flavor profile you like, we have the Chai You've never had. So shop from The Chai Bar- for the love of Chai. 


Co-authored by:

Sargam & Madura. 

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